Monday, 18 July 2011

Jim.........Robot Camels.

Now themes are a great thing but fitting them into your army is hard.
We started with the Rebellion Vs the Empire which expanded to the Battle of Hoth which leads to a fairly obvious army list if you go by the theme.

However, that didn't fit with my Codex army list. Now, I've had several games and am tweaking my ToS list more and more. And obviously I need to have the models to represent the units......

......the problem with that is I don't like using proxies. Yes I have done as I'm sure we all have counted something as something else but I didnt like doing it.

So I give you the current built section of my Imperial Empire......

The AT-AT is still WiP as there are several holes yet to fill but it counts as a Landraider Redeemer, the Biker Scouts are to be painted, the Stormtroopers need a little tweaking and Darth Vader is still a WiP but he is converted following the "Artscale" method from:

The green stuff on Vader has definatley been the most infuriating so far and I've still got his head and cape to do!!

Well, more updates soon and remember........

........For The Emperor!


  1. They look brilliant! I want an AT-AT now, are you just using random kits to build it or did the parts all come from one or two places?

  2. Cheers!

    The body is from a Valkyrie (& plasticard), the legs from a Defiler, the head is a Landspeeder Storm & the feet are Forgeworld Tarantula bases!

    The rest is just bits from my bits box. The legs were the only thing I had to order.
    Oh, the under carriage is a piece of model but I can't remember which!

    There are 2 Stormravens but I'm just using the standard models but with Forgeworld turrets.